Of Hats and yarn

Since I bought Amelia my head has been filled with ideas of doll items. Most of them are still in my head or scribbled in one of my many notebooks but I’ve managed to take a few out of idea stage and  into creative moment. And today it’s about hats.

Both hats that I decided to try before I had my little model with me were a size failure, one is salvageable and the other one has been sent to my daughter’s baby dolls. She is happy! But today is not about those. No no. I’ve been having fun trying out yarn, different weights, textures, colors and I want to show the ones I like the end result.


This pixie hat was made in worsted weight acrylic yarn, in this wonderful blueish color that I love, with a 5,5mm crochet hook. I didn’t follow any pattern: I started a chain and when I was happy with the length, I just started making up the pattern as I went. It consists only of simple crochet stitches: single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, some rows only done in the third loop of the HDC and some double crochet crossing. The flower is made with the popcorn stitch. It’s also worth mentioning that I worked this hat in length (can I say it like this? lol), folded in half after I was done and stitched the back side. Finished it with a simple row of SC all around. Oh, and the flower was stitched in the end. I love how this hat feels on my hands. It’s quite soft and fluffy.


This hat started its life based on a pattern but due to certain circumstances I ended up changing it completely, only keeping the top little ears tied with a bow idea from the pattern. It’s also made with worsted weight acrylic yarn but it looks slightly thinner than the blue one. I used the hook size the yarn called for, 5mm, but the stitches were feeling tight, so I went up one hook size. Also this yarn kept splitting, making me advance slowly. The hat was worked from the bottom and stitched together on top. The stitches used were single crochet, front post double crochet, back post double crochet and half double crochet. I have more refined versions of this hat on my head right now. Even though this hat is not what it planned, I still like it, especially the bit of shine that the yarn gives it (which was what made me buy the yarn to begin with) and how cute it looks on Amelia.


The bunny hat owes its existence to Easter and I actually made it quite fast (plus a simple dress to match that I’ll talk about some other time). Of course, it’s only made of half double crochet stitches, basic circle pattern that you can find anywhere on the net. The ears are worked in rounds too, but from bottom to top, stitched to the hat once you finish them. I used a 3,75mm hook and the yarn is a blend of acrylic, mohair and wool, fine (weight category 2), variegated color that goes from a dark brown to a light pink. And I love it! It’s soft, even though you can feel the wool in there, and it makes fluffy pieces. It’s not the easiest yarn to work with due to the fuzziness. It actually becomes a mess if you have to frog a couple of stitches.  -_-‘  However the end result is very satisfying for me and I love how it looks! I did a little embroidery to finish the look. 🙂


I really love this hat and how it looks on Amelia. The yarn and hook are the same as the bunny hat and I made it from a pattern by this wonderful designer but I had to change it in order to fit Blythe doll’s head. Because it’s a paid pattern I can’t really say much about how it was made but if you love it and love to crochet, go take a look at those awesome hats designed by Viktoria. They are totally worth it!

Today I started trying to crochet with sewing thread and a 0,75mm hook. It was a brief experiment because I wanted to write this post and there’s only so much time after the kids go to sleep and before I start making no sense due to sleepiness (which might be the case already since it’s pretty late – lol). Nonetheless, I wanted to mark that event that was the first of many. Here’s a photo I shared on Instagram:


Isn’t it the cutest little messy thing ever? Haha! I’m excited with all the possibilities that may come out of this experiment. For now working on tension will be good enough.

On other news, I’m thinking about opening my own Etsy shop, mostly to fund my Blythe budget, so keep an eye out for an announcement!


I’m going to start finishing my posts with two little features. One to help me focus on things I know I need to work on. It helps to write it down! The second to help me keep track of what I’m waiting for, mail wise. So here we go! And if you have any suggestions/ideas, please to say so in the comments! Several heads are better than just one. *giggles*

To work on:

  • post more often
  • write my patterns as I go
  • learn to write patterns in a way people will understand (!)
  • read more about the legal part of opening an Etsy shop (any tips are welcome!)


Happy dolly mail:

  • tights from Etsy
  • TAKE YOUR PACK bundle from Miema Dollhouse (yes, I got one! 😀 )
  • more yarn (insert Homer Simpson’s voice saying ‘donuts, hmmm’)



2 thoughts on “Of Hats and yarn

  1. Those hats are so cute! I especially love the last one ^^. doll hat patterns don’t really incorporate much in the way of design and texture, so seeing that wavy crochet pattern on the hat is nice. I’ve also never tried crocheting with sewing thread (my brain and eyes may hit /rage quit if I even think about attempting it), and I’m curious what you might make out of using the thread as yarn. Do you use a particular website for buying yarn? I’ve been holding off on making a knit picks order until I see a good coupon code floating around… Also, my better judgement tells me I don’t need any more yarn XD.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was thinking about making some summer tanks/blouses with a front detail in crochet. With a smaller size crochet like that you can actually make a cute design but I’m still far from that! First control the whole thing better! xD
      I tend to buy yarn in stores but sometimes I do buy online. I don’t use a particular website for that (sometimes there’s very nice sales in Amazon for example) and I just keep an eye on some of the crochet FB groups I’m in. When there’s a good sale someone usually talks about it. I’ve ordered from Knit Picks and I want more to be honest! There are so many yarns that look so exquisite and eventually I want to try them. Like you I’m waiting for a nice sale. Last yarn that I bought was at Michaels, they had a very good sale. And nonsense, we always need nice yarn/crochet thread!

      Liked by 1 person

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