Doll clothes are cute.

I’ve been delaying this post for a couple of days now, waiting for some more items to arrive. But they haven’t arrived yet so no more delaying!

There is this big temptation when looking at stores that sell doll clothes and it is hard to fight it. It’s almost like buying clothes for a baby girl: everything is so cute and little and beautiful and pink! Irresistible! It’s hard to not want to buy almost everything you see. Of course, that is a bit exaggerated since not everything will fit your doll’s ideal wardrobe but even out of that ideal, many times I see things that I just think “Oh, that is so cute. I wonder how it would look.”

About two weeks ago I was very lucky to get a end of the month bundle from Miema Dollhouse. There were only few available so as I was browsing their website I didn’t really think I would get one. I did! Yay! The one I picked consisted of an orange dress, a colorful jumper (I hope it’s the right name!), a green skirt, several tops, a shirt, a blue hat and two pairs of high socks. Let me show you:

Miema DollHouse lot

I love the dress the most, not only because it is a dress and very well cut, but also being simple I can style it in many different ways. The orange goes really well with Amelia’s orange eye chips! The hat is very cute and super smooth and the pin gives it that extra touch. The tops and shirt are also very cute and a much needed addition to my doll’s wardrobe. I don’t have that many clothes yet. YET she says… lol  My favorite is the blue and green with flowers but I like all of them. Nothing much to say about the green skirt, only that it fits well and the green is pretty. The socks are very well made and the colors will work very well with Amelia’s wardrobe (existing and future). They seem to be made of a much better construction than the ones I bought so far. I like that. A lot. The only thing that doesn’t fit well for my taste is the jumper, which seems to be too big for Blythe. I will fix that soon. By the way, the denim skirt in the picture is not part of the bundle. I made it myself, or I should say I’m still finishing it, as I plan to turn it into a jumper too. But it was finished enough for the photo so I just let it stay on!

I’m very happy with my bundle, even more considering it was a super deal with some bonus chocolates (yummy!) and a Blythe themed notepad included. I will be looking forward to get more of these bundles! For sure!

And because temptation is big and we can’t always resist, I’ve bought something else for my Amelia. Currently I’m waiting for some tights to arrive (still!) and this weekend I ordered one dress and two pairs of socks from PeaceLoveAndBlythe.

It hasn’t been shipped yet but I can’t wait to see Amelia in this dress. It’s pretty for spring and summer and I love the colors and the bow detail. I’m also waiting for some fabric and ribbons. And this is it as far as shopping goes (she says lightly, as if it’s just one thing or two).

I’ve been trying to craft something everyday but these past two weeks most days were just too tiresome to leave me with energy for anything other than just go to bed when the day comes to an end. However I have successfully crochet my first top with sleeves and that makes me happy. I chose this pretty sage green in lace weight yarn to make it but since I was just winging it, it’s far from perfect and I still have to make it more friendly to put it on a doll. I’ve also made a simple bodice in crochet thread nº10, closed with a ribbon on the back. It needs some embellishments I think. It’s very fitted and it won’t look good on top of a bulky skirt/pants/shorts.


Amelia in tops

Right now on my hooks I have two clothing articles:

  • a skirt, in a dark red crochet thread nº10, that is in the very beginning and I’m actually writing it as I go (yes!);
  • another top but this time with an opening on the back and a different neck, same yarn, same pattern (moss stitch or granite stitch).

wips April

Hopefully it won’t take me that long to finish them although I do have a CAL (crochet-along) starting next week.

And I think this is it for today, although I have this feeling I’m forgetting something. Oh well, whatever it is, it will have to wait!


2 thoughts on “Doll clothes are cute.

  1. Amelia is looking good! And her hair is looking a lot tamer now than before ^^. That bundle from Miema dollhouse looks like such a good deal. Her pieces are so fun and vibrant, and it looks like it would be fun to mix and match patterns. Have you found Amelia’s personal style get ^^?

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    • Not yet, I’m still discovering her personality as we go. I think I found the secret for her hair: I have to braid it for a while and then leave it loose for a while. As I touch her hair for this and that it starts getting a bit out of control again! Hehe I think two braids look very good on her though. ^_^

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