Crochet along

The past few weeks I’ve been a part of a CAL – crochet along. The CAL was hosted by Salena Baca and you could choose between two different patterns, or make both like some participants did. Both patterns were divided into several parts, one for each week, not necessarily because it would take all that time to complete your work but because this way busy people would also had a chance to be a part of it too.

I chose to make the Tenacious Tee for my daughter. Simple yet pretty design! I decided to make it with more than one color and use a cotton thread, more adequate for summer time. I had some skeins of I Love This Cotton waiting for the perfect project to be used and this was it! The cotton is very soft unlike other cotton threads/yarns and the colors are vibrant, perfect for summer! I chose to use Ivory, Aqua and Deep Turquoise:


The pattern was divided into 3 parts: chest (18-24 April), torso (25 April – 1 May) and straps and neck (2-6 May). Like I said more than enough time to complete your project. I decided to follow the schedule instead of just making it on the first day.

What I loved more about this pattern was how easy it was to memorize the repeats and be able to make while doing something else without the fear of messing up the pattern! Also because the front and back have are equal I decided to make them a little different color wise. That way my daughter can use it both ways!

I think the top looks cute in one color or several colors and it’s easy to customize it if you’re looking for that one-of-the-kind-look! I will be adding a few more details to the chest part. My daughter has requested a flower on the chest! ^_^

The CAL ended yesterday and the grand prize winner was announced. Sadly it wasn’t me but there were some really pretty tops! The winner got a $20 gift card to use at Knit Picks! Really cool prize because they have very nice yarn and thread for sale. You can take a peek at the winner’s project here.

I will be making another top for my daughter because I think it looks too cute on her! Next time that I go to the crafts store I’ll be getting some more of this cotton in other colors!


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