Crochet along

The past few weeks I’ve been a part of a CAL – crochet along. The CAL was hosted by Salena Baca and you could choose between two different patterns, or make both like some participants did. Both patterns were divided into several parts, one for each week, not necessarily because it would take all that time to complete your work but because this way busy people would also had a chance to be a part of it too.

I chose to make the Tenacious Tee for my daughter. Simple yet pretty design! I decided to make it with more than one color and use a cotton thread, more adequate for summer time. I had some skeins of I Love This Cotton waiting for the perfect project to be used and this was it! The cotton is very soft unlike other cotton threads/yarns and the colors are vibrant, perfect for summer! I chose to use Ivory, Aqua and Deep Turquoise:


The pattern was divided into 3 parts: chest (18-24 April), torso (25 April – 1 May) and straps and neck (2-6 May). Like I said more than enough time to complete your project. I decided to follow the schedule instead of just making it on the first day.

What I loved more about this pattern was how easy it was to memorize the repeats and be able to make while doing something else without the fear of messing up the pattern! Also because the front and back have are equal I decided to make them a little different color wise. That way my daughter can use it both ways!

I think the top looks cute in one color or several colors and it’s easy to customize it if you’re looking for that one-of-the-kind-look! I will be adding a few more details to the chest part. My daughter has requested a flower on the chest! ^_^

The CAL ended yesterday and the grand prize winner was announced. Sadly it wasn’t me but there were some really pretty tops! The winner got a $20 gift card to use at Knit Picks! Really cool prize because they have very nice yarn and thread for sale. You can take a peek at the winner’s project here.

I will be making another top for my daughter because I think it looks too cute on her! Next time that I go to the crafts store I’ll be getting some more of this cotton in other colors!


That’s right! My second girl is on the way home! She is a customized fake blythe, a really pretty girl made by Lúcia. As soon as I saw her for adoption on FB I didn’t think at all and just messaged her previous owner. Yes, it was love at first sight!

And here she is:


I still don’t have a name for her but I can’t wait for her to arrive! I was looking at dresses on Etsy yesterday but I decided to make one instead, after all I received my order from Sew Stitching Happy. Currently I’m trying to decide which fabric I’m going to use to make it. Decisions, decisions! Do you have a favorite?


Hopefully I’ll do a good job and it will be ready before she arrives. My little one has definitely started the terrible two phase before he’s 2 and that has been keeping me very busy, more than usual. This week has been particularly interesting with serious tantrums on an hourly basis and more I won’t say!

That is all for today! It’s not much but I wanted to share the news with all of you that read my blog. I’m waiting for the end of the CAL this Sunday to share my work for the past few weeks, so expect a new post tomorrow or Monday!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Doll clothes are cute.

I’ve been delaying this post for a couple of days now, waiting for some more items to arrive. But they haven’t arrived yet so no more delaying!

There is this big temptation when looking at stores that sell doll clothes and it is hard to fight it. It’s almost like buying clothes for a baby girl: everything is so cute and little and beautiful and pink! Irresistible! It’s hard to not want to buy almost everything you see. Of course, that is a bit exaggerated since not everything will fit your doll’s ideal wardrobe but even out of that ideal, many times I see things that I just think “Oh, that is so cute. I wonder how it would look.”

About two weeks ago I was very lucky to get a end of the month bundle from Miema Dollhouse. There were only few available so as I was browsing their website I didn’t really think I would get one. I did! Yay! The one I picked consisted of an orange dress, a colorful jumper (I hope it’s the right name!), a green skirt, several tops, a shirt, a blue hat and two pairs of high socks. Let me show you:

Miema DollHouse lot

I love the dress the most, not only because it is a dress and very well cut, but also being simple I can style it in many different ways. The orange goes really well with Amelia’s orange eye chips! The hat is very cute and super smooth and the pin gives it that extra touch. The tops and shirt are also very cute and a much needed addition to my doll’s wardrobe. I don’t have that many clothes yet. YET she says… lol  My favorite is the blue and green with flowers but I like all of them. Nothing much to say about the green skirt, only that it fits well and the green is pretty. The socks are very well made and the colors will work very well with Amelia’s wardrobe (existing and future). They seem to be made of a much better construction than the ones I bought so far. I like that. A lot. The only thing that doesn’t fit well for my taste is the jumper, which seems to be too big for Blythe. I will fix that soon. By the way, the denim skirt in the picture is not part of the bundle. I made it myself, or I should say I’m still finishing it, as I plan to turn it into a jumper too. But it was finished enough for the photo so I just let it stay on!

I’m very happy with my bundle, even more considering it was a super deal with some bonus chocolates (yummy!) and a Blythe themed notepad included. I will be looking forward to get more of these bundles! For sure!

And because temptation is big and we can’t always resist, I’ve bought something else for my Amelia. Currently I’m waiting for some tights to arrive (still!) and this weekend I ordered one dress and two pairs of socks from PeaceLoveAndBlythe.

It hasn’t been shipped yet but I can’t wait to see Amelia in this dress. It’s pretty for spring and summer and I love the colors and the bow detail. I’m also waiting for some fabric and ribbons. And this is it as far as shopping goes (she says lightly, as if it’s just one thing or two).

I’ve been trying to craft something everyday but these past two weeks most days were just too tiresome to leave me with energy for anything other than just go to bed when the day comes to an end. However I have successfully crochet my first top with sleeves and that makes me happy. I chose this pretty sage green in lace weight yarn to make it but since I was just winging it, it’s far from perfect and I still have to make it more friendly to put it on a doll. I’ve also made a simple bodice in crochet thread nº10, closed with a ribbon on the back. It needs some embellishments I think. It’s very fitted and it won’t look good on top of a bulky skirt/pants/shorts.


Amelia in tops

Right now on my hooks I have two clothing articles:

  • a skirt, in a dark red crochet thread nº10, that is in the very beginning and I’m actually writing it as I go (yes!);
  • another top but this time with an opening on the back and a different neck, same yarn, same pattern (moss stitch or granite stitch).

wips April

Hopefully it won’t take me that long to finish them although I do have a CAL (crochet-along) starting next week.

And I think this is it for today, although I have this feeling I’m forgetting something. Oh well, whatever it is, it will have to wait!

Of Hats and yarn

Since I bought Amelia my head has been filled with ideas of doll items. Most of them are still in my head or scribbled in one of my many notebooks but I’ve managed to take a few out of idea stage and  into creative moment. And today it’s about hats.

Both hats that I decided to try before I had my little model with me were a size failure, one is salvageable and the other one has been sent to my daughter’s baby dolls. She is happy! But today is not about those. No no. I’ve been having fun trying out yarn, different weights, textures, colors and I want to show the ones I like the end result.


This pixie hat was made in worsted weight acrylic yarn, in this wonderful blueish color that I love, with a 5,5mm crochet hook. I didn’t follow any pattern: I started a chain and when I was happy with the length, I just started making up the pattern as I went. It consists only of simple crochet stitches: single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet, some rows only done in the third loop of the HDC and some double crochet crossing. The flower is made with the popcorn stitch. It’s also worth mentioning that I worked this hat in length (can I say it like this? lol), folded in half after I was done and stitched the back side. Finished it with a simple row of SC all around. Oh, and the flower was stitched in the end. I love how this hat feels on my hands. It’s quite soft and fluffy.


This hat started its life based on a pattern but due to certain circumstances I ended up changing it completely, only keeping the top little ears tied with a bow idea from the pattern. It’s also made with worsted weight acrylic yarn but it looks slightly thinner than the blue one. I used the hook size the yarn called for, 5mm, but the stitches were feeling tight, so I went up one hook size. Also this yarn kept splitting, making me advance slowly. The hat was worked from the bottom and stitched together on top. The stitches used were single crochet, front post double crochet, back post double crochet and half double crochet. I have more refined versions of this hat on my head right now. Even though this hat is not what it planned, I still like it, especially the bit of shine that the yarn gives it (which was what made me buy the yarn to begin with) and how cute it looks on Amelia.


The bunny hat owes its existence to Easter and I actually made it quite fast (plus a simple dress to match that I’ll talk about some other time). Of course, it’s only made of half double crochet stitches, basic circle pattern that you can find anywhere on the net. The ears are worked in rounds too, but from bottom to top, stitched to the hat once you finish them. I used a 3,75mm hook and the yarn is a blend of acrylic, mohair and wool, fine (weight category 2), variegated color that goes from a dark brown to a light pink. And I love it! It’s soft, even though you can feel the wool in there, and it makes fluffy pieces. It’s not the easiest yarn to work with due to the fuzziness. It actually becomes a mess if you have to frog a couple of stitches.  -_-‘  However the end result is very satisfying for me and I love how it looks! I did a little embroidery to finish the look. 🙂


I really love this hat and how it looks on Amelia. The yarn and hook are the same as the bunny hat and I made it from a pattern by this wonderful designer but I had to change it in order to fit Blythe doll’s head. Because it’s a paid pattern I can’t really say much about how it was made but if you love it and love to crochet, go take a look at those awesome hats designed by Viktoria. They are totally worth it!

Today I started trying to crochet with sewing thread and a 0,75mm hook. It was a brief experiment because I wanted to write this post and there’s only so much time after the kids go to sleep and before I start making no sense due to sleepiness (which might be the case already since it’s pretty late – lol). Nonetheless, I wanted to mark that event that was the first of many. Here’s a photo I shared on Instagram:


Isn’t it the cutest little messy thing ever? Haha! I’m excited with all the possibilities that may come out of this experiment. For now working on tension will be good enough.

On other news, I’m thinking about opening my own Etsy shop, mostly to fund my Blythe budget, so keep an eye out for an announcement!


I’m going to start finishing my posts with two little features. One to help me focus on things I know I need to work on. It helps to write it down! The second to help me keep track of what I’m waiting for, mail wise. So here we go! And if you have any suggestions/ideas, please to say so in the comments! Several heads are better than just one. *giggles*

To work on:

  • post more often
  • write my patterns as I go
  • learn to write patterns in a way people will understand (!)
  • read more about the legal part of opening an Etsy shop (any tips are welcome!)


Happy dolly mail:

  • tights from Etsy
  • TAKE YOUR PACK bundle from Miema Dollhouse (yes, I got one! 😀 )
  • more yarn (insert Homer Simpson’s voice saying ‘donuts, hmmm’)


Sweet Amelia

It’s been two weeks since I received my sweet Amelia! I want to thank Jessica for letting me adopt her NRFB Jane Lefroy. I made a post about it the same day at Blythe Kingdom but then I got very busy with the usual routine and delayed making this post on my blog. First, I didn’t want to just copy what I wrote on my BK post and second, I wanted to try to tame her hair. Hard task I tell you! But I will show in the end the current state of Amelia’s hair.

A side note: with Amelia’s arrival I decided to create a Flickr account to keep all my photos of her together. That’s me, keeping things in order with folders and boxes and baskets! Anyway, for the ones interested, this is my Flickr.

Amelia arrived on my husband’s birthday but he was sick and we didn’t have much of a celebration. I actually felt a bit bad all day because I was so obviously happy while he was in pain. Yes, not very nice of me but I couldn’t help to feel happy about having Amelia right there. As I was deboxing Amelia and  carefully getting her out of all that plastic and taking some decent photos of the whole process, both my children were trying to ‘help me’. It was messy. First comment my husband made looking at my Blythe doll was “Disturbing.” while I had a smile from ear to ear. Haha! I guess it could have been worse!

Let show some photos that I managed to take:

deboxing Jane


deboxing Jane 02

And some more plastic!

deboxing Jane 03

Amelia’s complete stock.

I found the whole deboxing process very stressing. Of course my circumstances didn’t help but still there was so much plastic and tape everywhere! I felt like one misstep and I was going to damage my sweet doll. After that part was done it was better.

I love the colors of her stock and I think it is very lovely but I don’t particularly like the fabric of the inner dress. It feels very weird, like it’s made of plastic. The outer part of the dress is nice, soft fabric, and a bit heavy with all the embroidery on it. The panties are so cute and stretchy, so much nicer than some I’ve seen in other girls. The shoes seem to fall very easily though. Also, I don’t like the stand. It just doesn’t feel secure enough but that might be because of all her hair. She has a loooot of hair. Which leads me to the next photos.


Out-of-box hair.

hair today

Current hair.

For somebody that is getting her first Blythe and isn’t used to dealing with doll hair, getting that hair is very intimidating. So far I washed her hair 3 times, combed it very slowly and carefully after drying. It still feels dry in the ends and frizzled in many parts. I think she may need a small cut but I’m not sure, so for now I will let it be the way it is.

For a while I was thinking very seriously if I wanted to leave Amelia as she is or if I would like to send her to someone to be customized. I like her the way she is but I would rather have her face matte instead of shiny. However, after the first few days passed I noticed two little marks on her right cheek. Up close they look like tiny holes under the shiny finish. It’s all smooth, you can’t feel them. So I’m very inclined to have her customized. Still thinking about it.

face marks

And now to finish this post on a good note, I’d like to show two little dresses I made for Amelia, without patterns, one a mix of crochet and sewing and the other one just crochet. The first one you might recognize it from a previous post: it was meant to be a skirt but I decided that it looked better as a dress. lol I’m going to eventually write the pattern for the crochet dress and then share it here on my blog. It may take a while to write it down but I will try to do it as fast as I can! I have several wips but I will leave that for another day.



Amelia is home.

Small bits.

My normal every-day-life as a mother and homemaker (this word is so weird to me, it just sounds funny) doesn’t leave me with a lot of free time. But I get so many lovely moments with my children that I feel grateful for having this opportunity. Just now my cute baby boy ran to me, hugged me and ran away again giggling! Sweet, sweet moments. ♥

The little bits that I get here and there have been spent crafting things, mostly for my doll. These past few days I managed to make a hat – or beanie? – for Jane (lets just call her that for now), two scarves, sew a lace trim to the skirt and start a tulle petticoat to use with the skirt.


I hope that the hat will fit Jane’s head. I made the band to measure about 26,5cm but I don’t know if it is deep enough. It didn’t take me too long to make it, even with all the interruptions. It was made with Carol Simply Soft yarn and a I hook (5.5mm). If anyone is interested in knowing the pattern I can write it down, but only after I test it on my doll. I want to make sure it fits right! So if anyone is interested, just say so on a comment!

The scarves are actually as simple as it can be. The thinner one is only a crochet chain but the yarn gives it enough texture. The yarn I used was Homespun from Lion Brand. The wider scarf was weaved with four strands of the same yarn. I also love the way it looks and how soft it feels! I’m starting to think that I should have made them bigger but they are easy+fast enough to replicate. I may still embellish the hat too.


Sewing the lace trim to the skirt took considerably more time because I did it by hand. It gives me more joy to hand sew things than to use the sewing machine, which is resting with its cover on, making me feel guilty for not using it!


I like the way the skirt was looking but I felt like it needed something else, so I made a petticoat out of tulle. I’m debating if I should sew it to the skirt or just leave it separate. The skirt is still in a work-in-progress state.

I also spent some of my free time looking at lace trims in Ebay. I found a couple of listings that looked promising without being very expensive but bidding wars took most of them away. I did won one auction with quite a lot of lace trim, a mix of modern and vintage. I look forward to see it with my own eyes but it looked quite good.

Right now I’m waiting for my doll, the doll shoes that I bought a while back, a stock white shirt, the lace trim and some yarn from Knit-picks. My mom also sent me a package from Portugal. I wonder what she sent me!

I’ll finish this post by wishing everyone a lovely Valentine’s Day!

A newly discovered love

Even though I have started this blog adventure with crochet in mind, I always knew it would not be limited to that theme alone. My focus tends to flow around several suspects. And every once in a while I find something new to be the center of my attention.  So while reading posts about crochet around this blog world, I have discovered a little (or maybe not so little) doll called Blythe. I have Olive from Knotted things to thank for this discovery and I’m very happy to have found her blog!

This doll was completely unknown to me till November of 2015 and since then I’ve been reading quite a bit about it. There are many articles that tell the story of this doll, so I won’t be going over that. Instead I will show the little one I will be receiving in the mail in the next few weeks (I hope!). Her birth name is Jane Lefroy and she was released last year, in March.


I haven’t decided on her name yet. I think it’s between Alma and Amelia. Both names suit her very well. The thing I love the most is the hair, color and shape, but I really love everything about her with one small exception. I’m not particularly found of the orange color of one of her eye sets but that may change once I have her. For those that don’t know, these dolls have an eye mechanism that allows us to change between four colors (two looking front, one looking left and one looking right).


I have been busy looking around Etsy and sundries groups and have already bought a couple of things for my doll: a few socks, a cute dress, some stock items from other Blythe releases and shoes. The shoes haven’t arrived yet!


I haven’t gotten a lot of things for two reasons. One, most of the clothes I like are quite expensive! Ouch! Second, I plan to make clothes for my doll and there’s a buuunch of things that I want to try between crochet and sewing! Maybe some knitting too (eventually).

I have to confess that crafting for her is actually one of the things that attracts me the most about this hobby. I have a few free Blythe patterns to try, a few patterns that I bought (for myself) to adapt to the doll size but mostly I want to design my own patterns, after finding my style. I think it is going to be a tough thing to do since there are many awesome designers for Blythe that have wonderful clothes and one has to stay away from their own signature! In the meantime, I’ve cut and started sewing a little skirt but I’m only going to finish it once I have the doll, because I want to be sure that it fits like I want it to fit. Here’s how it is looking right now:



Now all that is left is for my doll to arrive! Does it show how excited I am?  *giggles*