Sweet Amelia

It’s been two weeks since I received my sweet Amelia! I want to thank Jessica for letting me adopt her NRFB Jane Lefroy. I made a post about it the same day at Blythe Kingdom but then I got very busy with the usual routine and delayed making this post on my blog. First, I didn’t want to just copy what I wrote on my BK post and second, I wanted to try to tame her hair. Hard task I tell you! But I will show in the end the current state of Amelia’s hair.

A side note: with Amelia’s arrival I decided to create a Flickr account to keep all my photos of her together. That’s me, keeping things in order with folders and boxes and baskets! Anyway, for the ones interested, this is my Flickr.

Amelia arrived on my husband’s birthday but he was sick and we didn’t have much of a celebration. I actually felt a bit bad all day because I was so obviously happy while he was in pain. Yes, not very nice of me but I couldn’t help to feel happy about having Amelia right there. As I was deboxing Amelia and  carefully getting her out of all that plastic and taking some decent photos of the whole process, both my children were trying to ‘help me’. It was messy. First comment my husband made looking at my Blythe doll was “Disturbing.” while I had a smile from ear to ear. Haha! I guess it could have been worse!

Let show some photos that I managed to take:

deboxing Jane


deboxing Jane 02

And some more plastic!

deboxing Jane 03

Amelia’s complete stock.

I found the whole deboxing process very stressing. Of course my circumstances didn’t help but still there was so much plastic and tape everywhere! I felt like one misstep and I was going to damage my sweet doll. After that part was done it was better.

I love the colors of her stock and I think it is very lovely but I don’t particularly like the fabric of the inner dress. It feels very weird, like it’s made of plastic. The outer part of the dress is nice, soft fabric, and a bit heavy with all the embroidery on it. The panties are so cute and stretchy, so much nicer than some I’ve seen in other girls. The shoes seem to fall very easily though. Also, I don’t like the stand. It just doesn’t feel secure enough but that might be because of all her hair. She has a loooot of hair. Which leads me to the next photos.


Out-of-box hair.

hair today

Current hair.

For somebody that is getting her first Blythe and isn’t used to dealing with doll hair, getting that hair is very intimidating. So far I washed her hair 3 times, combed it very slowly and carefully after drying. It still feels dry in the ends and frizzled in many parts. I think she may need a small cut but I’m not sure, so for now I will let it be the way it is.

For a while I was thinking very seriously if I wanted to leave Amelia as she is or if I would like to send her to someone to be customized. I like her the way she is but I would rather have her face matte instead of shiny. However, after the first few days passed I noticed two little marks on her right cheek. Up close they look like tiny holes under the shiny finish. It’s all smooth, you can’t feel them. So I’m very inclined to have her customized. Still thinking about it.

face marks

And now to finish this post on a good note, I’d like to show two little dresses I made for Amelia, without patterns, one a mix of crochet and sewing and the other one just crochet. The first one you might recognize it from a previous post: it was meant to be a skirt but I decided that it looked better as a dress. lol I’m going to eventually write the pattern for the crochet dress and then share it here on my blog. It may take a while to write it down but I will try to do it as fast as I can! I have several wips but I will leave that for another day.



Amelia is home.